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Information to our clients

Company "Belyi Parus" values each of its clients, developing the business on the basis of mutually advantageous relationships with all buyers. In the focus of all our business - processes there is, first of all, the client and his needs. The paramount task of any sales manager of the company «Belyi Parus» - to find an individual approach to the buyers. Our main principle is a personification of mutual relations with the buyer, aiming at full satisfaction of his key needs and as the result – to increase the efficiency of his business. The team of the distributioncompany «Belyi Parus» makes every effort, that for our clients to work with us would be favorable, easy and pleasant. That is why we once again emphasize our competitive advantages and we guarantee to each of our clients:

  • High quality of service;
  • Operative delivery of orders in time;
  • Opportunity of delivery to any place of the Russian Federation and the countries of CIS;
  • Ease and speed of registration of orders at the individual manager;
  • Wide choice of production, stable assortment;
  • Presence of exclusive trade marks;
  • Flexible system of discounts;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Full information access to all production on our Internet - site on the basis of convenient system of navigation.

If you are in a service area of one of our branches, simply dial telephone number of the corresponding office, and managers on work with clients will give you all necessary information, and if necessary will visit you personally (see the section«Our branches»).

If you are in the territory of Nizhni Novgorod or the Nizhni Novgorod area, you can visit our warehouse of self-service «Cash and Carry» where you are waited with pleasant prices, huge assortment of the houseware goods and an opportunity to get a big quantity of promo-goods with discounts up to 50 %. The address of the warehouse: Nizhni Novgorod, Moscovskoe shosse, 300 (see the section«Promo-actions»).

Belyi Parus distributing company
Nizhny Novgorod, Moscovskoe shosse, 300.
Phones: +7 8312 74-95-45,+7 8312 74-94-99
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